About Us

Welcome to iPetPals, we are very excited that you love our cuddly little iPetPals! Our Mission is to create smiles, snores (yes snores…) and dance time fun, by providing a soft cuddly pal to accessorize any MP3, iPod, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. iPetPals can easily adapt to any mood your little one is in, playtime, naptime, story time and boogie time.


My name is Vanessa Marie, founder and creator of iPetPals- but my real job title is “Mom.” I created iPetPals after I noticed my little girl loved playing and listening to my iPod* and iPhone*. She would carry them everywhere- in her carseat, entertaining her during errands, playing soothing music for naptime or playing her favorite songs for dance and playtime. After several broken, cracked and lost iPods, MP3’s and phones. I decided she needed a fun way to enjoy the technology that so many of us have!

iPetPals are a fun, safe and cuddly way for kids to enjoy the musical capabilities of any audio device! As all kids know the most important thing for stuffed animal friends is the Cuddle Test! All iPetPals pass the Cuddle Test- we are committed to ensure each pal is soft, cuddly and ready for lots of hugs! We have handpicked and tested all materials used for your iPetPals!

iPetPals works with MP3 players, iPods*, iPads*, iPhones*, and other mobile phones. Simply PLUG, PLACE and PLAY! The best part is NO Batteries, NO Charging- NO Kidding! iPetPals run on their own! (*Products and Register Trademarks of Apple)

Simply Plug in the device, Place in the pocket and enjoy hours of Play!

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Contact Us!

 iPetPals- VMarie LLC
2065 West Parkway Blvd. SLC


Customer Support:

Monday- Friday 9:00 to 5:00 pm MST
Email us at info@ipetpals.com OR vanessa@ipetpals.com

*iPods, iPhones, and iPads are a product and registered trademark of Apple Inc. and are not included with iPetPals.