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We want to create smiles, snores (yes snores…) and dance time fun, by providing a soft cuddly pal to accessories any MP3, iPod, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. iPetPal can easily adapt to any mood your little one is in, playtime, naptime, story time and boogie time.

How iPetPals work!

iPetPals have speakers within their bottom paws with a hidden plug in the back pocket. The pocket is located at the top of the iPetPals back and closes completely to hold your MP3, iPod*, iPhone*, smartphones and other audio devices.

The audio cord is secured within the animal and does not extend. DO NOT pull or force the cord as this may cause damage to the unit. Be sure to press play on the device before closing the pocket. The volume is controlled by the device that is plugged in. The speakers do have a max audio output level to ensure safe listening for little ears. Enjoy your iPetPal! Plug, Place, Play!


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